Top5 books to Learn Ethical Hacking

Many of us want to be known as an Ethical Hacker. Although it is not much easy to be one. You have to do a lot of hard work and have to prove your skills to be recognized as an Ethical Hacker. There are several sources of gaining knowledge about Ethical Hacking. Books are the source of learning used from old times. So here are the Top5 books to Learn Ethical Hacking.

Top5 websites to learn Ethical Hacking

Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, 2nd Edition

The book has been written by JON ERICSON. The book not only aims to teach you the best skills. It is a guide from scratch to expert level. Starting from how to program in C and Assembly Language. It also helps you learn about a complete Linux Environment.

Hacking: The Underground Guide to Computer Hacking

Abraham K White has given out a great step by step guide to learn Ethical hacking in this book. The book aims to cover various topics including Hacking into Wireless Networks, Hacking into Computers and Smartphones, Scanning Your Systems, Pinpointing Specific Vulnerabilities.

Hold On! there are three more great Books on the List

Hacking the Hacker

Trying to jump deep down to the roots of hacking? Hacking the Hacker is the best book for you. You would be learning from many experts. To hack and to take down many of the experts. It is a collection of many techniques as well as the stories of many great hackers.

Hacking: Computer Hacking Beginners Guide

It is quite tough to find a guideline when you are a beginner. So the book aims to teach the basics of hacking. After going through the book you would be able to learn about Wireless venerabilities. It also lets you learn the basics of one the best Linux OS, Kali Linux.

Do not miss the Last One

Hacking For Dummies

Like other books by the Dummies series it also is based on teaching from beginning all the way to an expert level. You would be able to learn a set of skills including penetration testing, Kali Linux and others.

These were our picks for the Top5 books to Learn Ethical Hacking. Let us know if any other book deserves to be on the list.





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