Having a car is everyone’s dream though not everyone can afford a luxurious car. Still, there are many cars that a person with a low budget can have. I have sought out the Top5 Cars You Can Buy Under 10 Lacs In Pakistan. So it’s the time to take your car dreams to next level and with that being said let’s get started.

  • Suzuki Mehran:

Suzuki has been working in Pakistan for decades and has launched many cars. They have earned a lot of success in the country. Though none of their competitors have yet been able to counter there greatest launch in the country. That surely is Suzuki Mehran. Well, the car is a simple a low budget car. That gives you economy mileage as well. It has been in the country for a time period of over a decade. It is the most used car in the country.

Price:6-7.5 lac

  • Alto 660 cc:

The car is known as the most searched car in Pakistan from 2015. The main reason behind the popularity of this car is the great mileage it gives to the customers. It has 660cc Engine.  It gives you up to 36km millage per litre. It has a great interior and is surely one of the low-budget comfort cars.


  • Cuore Daihatsu

Giving you a stylish exterior and comforting interior  Cuore Daihatsu is a 660 cc car that is highly recommended for low budget customers. It is imported from Japan and is available at a low price in the country. It also gives you great mileage.

Price: 8-10lacs

  • Hyundai Santro

Hyundai had stopped working in Pakistan some time ago though now they are expected to make a return in 2017 or 18. As a competitor for Suzuki’s Cultus, they had launched Santro which too was liked by people in the country. The car is 1086 cc. Great interior and exterior.  Though its mileage is quite less than cars on the list mentioned above. It gives you 10-12km mileage.

Price:6-7 lacs

  • Suzuki WagonR

With a great interior and stylish exterior, this list surely needs to include this car. The car comes with great air conditioning and is fuel efficient as well. The car is in the markets for past 3 years is fairly liked by people. It has a 998cc engine. It is available with manual and automatic transmissions. Though one with an automatic transmission would be a bit more costly.

Price: Starts at 10lacs


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