Being a hacker is always something many computer users have thought. Though making this dream come true is not as easy as dreaming. Being a hacker and a good guy! that’s what ethical hacking is all about. So this article is all about those top 5 websites to Learn Ethical Hacking.

Top5 Books To Learn Ethical Hacking

Though there are many other platforms as well and in this growing cyber world, nothing remains same for a long time. So you have to stay updated. These websites will surely help you start from scratch.

This website is ranked top on this list and the reason is that it is one of the biggest platforms. That provides users guides for free for every type of learning. It provides all security news and news related to hacking. The best thing about this website is that it gives out both hardware and software hacks. It is serving its users via a website as well as a YouTube Channel. So you can learn either way you like.

It is a council that is recognized worldwide. People are getting certified after passing the exam by them. Council is certifying people to be recognized as CEH(Certified Ethical Hacker). Along with these certifications, the council is providing tutorial and other training sessions so one can prepare for the exam.

Like other websites, it also provides hacking tutorials. Provides security updates, Hacking News and focuses on Ethical Hacking. It also helps people getting certified as a CEH(Certified Ethical Hacker)

HTS is an online organization which provides security-related news. It also gives out tutorials that allow beginners to learn some basics. Website work in a safe environment it gives out challenges to the users. Completing those challenges can help them learn basic stuff.

It’s a great website that lets you learn about cybersecurity. They have made tutorials for a user who can enrol for a course with free registration. Once you have enrolled a course in an organized way you can complete the course. Though courses on this website are not very much updated. Things change with time courses available on this website are not up to date. Yet it is a great platform if you are starting from scratch.

These were our picks for the list of websites to learn ethical hacking. Let us know if you know a website that deserves to be on the list.



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