5 benefits of Yawning

How many times have you felt embarrassed for yawning?

Though it is a natural and unintentional action.

Which sometimes becomes difficult to handle.

We yawn when our body is feeling tired or we are getting bored.

Best example would be a classroom.

Have you ever thought about the benefits of Yawning?

It’s a natural activity that has some benefits as well.

So in this article, we will share some of the unknown benefits of yawning.

#Yawning Cools Down Your Brain

When you yawn opening your mouth wider… you inhale some cool air.

At the same time when you jaws are being stretched.

It causes the hot blood in your brain move downwards.

Along with the hot blood in your brain, there are some other hot liquids as well.

All of them are pushed downward which are then cooled by the cool air you have inhaled.

That helps to decrease overall temperature of your brain.

#Yawning Helps You Stay Alert

Most of the times we yawn when we are feeling sleepy.

If you don’t believe a boring lecture.

You will get countless yawns.

Though the science reveals that when we yawn actually our body is trying to reboot ourselves.

So we can concentrate on the work.

Studies have shown that if you keep on yawning at regular intervals then you do your work more attentively.

#Yawning Can Change Your Mood

Studies have shown that when we yawn it causes changes in chemicals in our brain.

Due to these changes a person is expected to feel changes in mood.

If you are with someone you love.

These chemicals are also known as bonding chemicals.

So you can expect to have a good time with your loved ones.

Just yawning can help you make your bond a strong one.

#Yawning helps to decrease Ear Pain

Ever got a chance to travel by air?

Or have travelled to a hilly area?

You might feel a little pain in your ears when you are travelling to a height first time.

A simple cure for the pain lies in Yawning.

Indeed just yawn several times and you will feel pain going away in seconds.

#It can tell size of your Brain

It might be a complete shock for you though, scientists have shown that greater the size of yawns greater is the size of the brain of the person who is yawning expected to be.

Still not believing it? Check out the results of experiments here.

These were the 5 amazing benefits of yawning.

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