5 Free Tools Every YouTuber Should Use

Competition on youtube is on to the next level and there is no hope for a downfall anytime soon.

No of YouTubers have increased rapidly and it has become a tough journey for newbies.

Even experienced YouTubers are facing issues.

Ask anyone what should I do to beat my competitors?

The answer would be upload quality content.

Though even if you will upload quality content you will not be able to outrank your competitors.

It’s the time when you have to use some tools that can take your content to the next level.

So in this article, I will show you how you can be a pro-YouTuber by using these 5 tools.

With that being said lets gets started.


It is one of the best tools that can help you make some of the best strategies against your competitor.

One can easily check out competitors tags that have been used for a video.

So you can use those tags to rank your videos.

You are able to view many insight statistics of any video on Youtube with TubeBuddy.

It comes up with checklists that have been made by popular YouTubers for uploading a video so one can confirm all the things in the list before uploading a video.

So, in short, can be your video planner, SEO tool, Keyword Analyser and any more.


Its an App for your smartphone.

It allows you to create custom animations from the text for your videos.

The best thing is that it is free to use and gives you 1080p output without any watermark.

You can create amazing animations and can insert it into your video to attract your viewers.

So you do not need to download large software that is paid and difficult to use when you have Legend for your amazing animations.

#Automatic Captions

Videos with captions are more preferred to be shown at the top of results.

One of the reasons might be that a video with captions becomes more user-friendly.

Though it’s not an easy job to create captions for every video.

So one can use Google Voice to text feature allows you to make subtitles for all your videos.

Even if you have a great no of videos uploaded you can automatically create subtitles for them as well.


Graphics is one of the most needed things on Youtube.

Now not everyone can be good at the graphic.

Though the magic of graphic is that much alive that a good thumbnail can a stupid video to the top.

Don’t believe???

Check trending video on Youtube more than 50% are there just because of a thumbnail.

So Canva comes here to rescue you, it allows you to create attractive banners, thumbnails Fb page covers and much more.

It has predefined template sizes though you can define your size as well.

Templates are there all you need to do a little drag and drop to come up with something a graphic designer will do.


Need to edit a video online? Want to create a stylish background or looking for a 3D animation?

Panzoid is the right place to get everything. Above all its for free and will not be given to you with a watermark.

It gives you 1080p results though the website was started in 2012.

Templates on the website are getting a little outdated still there are many that are great and eye-catching.

So you will have to dig to find some great templates.