5 home activities to burn calories if you can’t afford gym

Home activities to burn calories if you can’t afford gym

Everyone wants to have a perfect body.

Though saying it is a thousand times easier than having it.

Ask your self how many times have you planned to do a regular exercise?

And how many times you were able to fulfil it.

Well, stop calculating as the answer would be obviously zero or something close to it.

This article will tell you the 5 home activities to burn calories.

One of the major reasons why people are not able to do a regular exercise is they feel it difficult to go the gym on daily basis.

So if you can not go to the gym it does not means you should not try to lose calories.

Here are the 5 home activities to burn calories.

1. Vacuuming

Is your home dirty?

So it’s time to do the vacuuming.

Not only you can clean your home by vacuuming it is one of the home activities that lets you burn a high number of calories.

Just in 15, you would be able to burn 43 calories.

So if you are cleaning your entire house it can take up to an hour.

In that hour you would be burning 170 calories.

Believe me, that is quite awesome.

2.Mopping Your Floor

Mopping the floor seems to be an easy activity unless you have done that.

It takes some real effort to do this job.

If you are living in a house with a TV lounge and 3 rooms.

It would definitely take around 30 minutes of yours to clean the entire house.

In these 30 minutes, you can burn 190 calories. Isn’t that great?

3.Washing Your Car

Well, there are three things you can get from this one activity.

First one is that you will not have to pay the bill of the car wash.

Secondly, you would be riding a washed shiny car and most important is that you would be burning calories.

Of course, as you can burn 150 calories just by washing your car in 30 minutes.

4.Washing dishes while Standing

If you are a female you might be already doing it.

Come on males you can do this as well.

If you will wash dishes for just 15 minutes you can burn up to 22 calories.

Though as we are trying to lose as many as possible calories.

So I would suggest you wash dishes once a day and in 60 minutes 88 calories would be far away from you.

5.Bathing your Pets

If you are having a dog or any other pet at home just giving them a bath while standing can help you lose some high calories.

A 15-minute bath to your dog while standing can take 43 calories away from you.

Also, your pet would be having some stunning looks clean and clear.

If it difficult to do all of these activities in a single day make a schedule for 7 days.

Perform one of these home activities to burn calories each day and do share your valuable feedback with us in the section below.