Best 6×9 Speakers


Once again in today’s article, we are sifting through a selection of speakers that are all donned with the same dimensions, to find the 5 best 6×9 speakers in 2020.

Lots of us look for car speakers with an ideal size in mind so as not to have to modify our car itself, so it makes perfect sense for us to handpick a range that falls within the same category.

When reviewing products with a specific size in mind, the narrowing of parameters means we can take a little longer to go over the more pressing features.

We are going to look at a range of affordable options, clarify their class, peek at their peak performance, inspect their impedance, circuitry, and components. Then pick it all apart in our buyers guide installment so you can make an informed purchase.

If you’re looking for a speaker to upgrade the sound of your car stereo, and maybe even add some bass without the hassle of an additional amplifier and subwoofer, one of the best 6×9 car speakers on our list will definitely help to bring the quality audio and bass that you’ve been looking for.

Benefits of 6×9 Speakers

  • Set them up quickly: Getting superior quality sound often results in a complicated setup. These speakers have a simple and compact build. They are compatible with a wide range of vehicles, making them a favorite and safe choice for most vehicle owners.
  • Choose between a variety of options: 6×9 speakers come in different types and styles. Their diversity offers vehicle owners with more choices over what to buy. Depending on whether you are looking to get a two-way or three-way system, these speakers will produce the type of frequency range you want.
  • Enjoy a compact design: You can never have enough space in your vehicle, and big speakers are not practical anymore. 6×9 speakers are designed to fit in most car types and brands, and their compact nature makes them a perfect fit for any vehicle.
  • Avoid extra costs on components: You won’t have to do a complete system upgrade with these speakers. They serve an all-in-one purpose, which helps avoid extra out-of-pocket expenses on parts that will take up extra vehicle space.

5 Best 6×9 Speakers of 2021:

Pioneer TS-A6976R6 x 9 x 3 in8 pounds
Polk Audio DB69215.5 x 11.9 x 10.2 in7 pounds
New JBL GTO93910 x 9 x 10 in4.4 pounds
Infinity KAPPA 693.11I18.03 x 11.93 x 6.14 in10.14 pounds
CT Sounds Meso16 x 11 x 15 in11.18 pounds

1. Pioneer TS-A6976R

Pioneer TS-A6976R

Pioneer’s generation TS-A series speakers offer better bass and dynamic range than previous speakers.

The Pioneer TS-A6976R-A is a 3-way speaker and an enhanced version that is popular with most people.

It is perfect for all your needs, due to a sensitivity of 92Db and a frequency response of 27×4000 Hz speaker 6×9.

And it is surrounded with a lightweight elastic polymer and has the capability to process improved power handling.

For a refreshing sound upgrade, you can pair these Pioneer 6 x9 speakers with new car stereos or use an external amplifier.

The quality and performance of these speakers have improved. In short, the speakers are value in money.

  • Sounds great, loud and clear
  • Not very expensive
  • Easy to install
  • No additional modifications required
  • Its base is a little weak

2. Polk Audio DB692

Polk Audio DB692

Polk’s DB Series speakers are one of the most popular 6×9 car speakers.

The DB692 is just an improved version of an excellent speaker.

They feature a unique combination of materials that are ideal for outdoor use (Jeep, boats, etc.) as well as for general vehicles.

And also the polypropylene(Polypropylene – Wikipedia) UV-resistant cone is ideal for use in areas with a lot of sunlight.

In addition, they also have waterproof inner and outer rings, which are marine certified and waterproof.

They are the best choice if you have boats or other powered sports vehicles.

The best part about these speakers – the price. They are the best 6×9 on our list for the performance and features you get in the speakers. In general, we strongly recommend them.

  • Water resistant
  • Suitable for outdoor activities, can be used on board or other ships
  • UV resistant
  • Affordable
  • Can’t attain very deep bass

3. New JBL GTO939

New JBL GTO939

The new JBL 6×9 speaker is an excellent competitor,with larger cones than other speakers, which means they can move more air and produce heavier bass.

It has a soft dome tweeter that produces an oversized voice coil for heat dissipation and higher power handling.

You can compensate for less than perfect speaker placement and set the volume based on your favorite listening preferences.

Because of its two-stage tweeter volume adjuster.

Furthermore, it features low impedance and a dedicated 12Db/octave, a high quality crossover that points the treble and bass to the appropriate speakers for the best sound quality.

  • It has heavy bass and no distortion
  • Easy to install
  • Sound is great
  • The strength of the plastic bracket is not sufficient to fix the speaker for a long time

4. Infinity KAPPA 693.11I

Infinity KAPPA 693.11I

This is one of the truly best 6 x 9 speakers from the Infinity series.

They are perfect for those who want to upgrade their OEM speakers and power them through OEM or aftermarket radios.

However, if you want to take full advantage of these speakers by adding dedicated amplifiers, they will be able to handle RMS up to 110 watts.

Some of the most prominent features of 693.11i 6×9 speakers are Plus One+ technology and edge-driven dome tweeters.

Plus One + technology extends the cone all the way to the edge of the basket, providing the speaker with as much surface area as possible.

Moreover, the edge-driven dome tweeters have a larger surface area and provide a smoother response to the midrange, making them lower pitch. All in all, this is a great 6×9 and worth considering.

  • Excellent sound and best bass
  • No distortion
  • High volume clarity
  • Affordable
  • Plastic frame makes them a bit fragile over time

5. CT Sounds Meso

CT Sounds Meso

The CT Sound Meso series is known for its best sound quality, and the sound is what people are looking for.

To create the latest 6×9 2-way speakers with Silk Dome’s full range of coaxial speakers, they developed the industry’s first basalt fiber made from natural rock.

The aramid and basalt fibers used in this layer are rigid and have better absorbency, which improves stability, and maintains integrity over a wide temperature range.

More importantly, it has built-in -3db or +3db / HPF and LPF crossover for a smoother mid to high treble response.

Their rear chamber tweeter extends mid-range frequency for vocal staging and imaging.

  • It has a good low frequency output
  • Bass processing is very good
  • It has a very high treble and midrange
  • Bass can be improved better