Best Air Fresheners

Best Air Fresheners

When a foul odor is lingering in the air—be it from garbage, pet dander, a particularly pungent meal, or stinky gym clothes—an air freshener can solve the problem in an instant. Air fresheners come in all different varieties, from sprays to plug-ins to diffusers—but they all do the same job: make the air in your home or car smell better than before.

Some products diffuse synthetic or all-natural compounds to mask unpleasant odors and enhance air quality. Others contain purifying liquids or solids to deodorize and soak up bad smells where they lurk. It is up to you whether you want to be whisked away to a tropical paradise every time you inhale or not smell a thing but clean.

The dozens of types of chemical and natural air-clearing products on the market can be separated into two categories, but they also tend to overlap: air fresheners and odor neutralizers. If you’ve wondered why your air freshener isn’t doing what you want it to do, it may be because you’re using the wrong type for your needs.

Air fresheners temporarily mask offensive odors in the air. Odor neutralizers eliminate unpleasant scents in the air by creating a chemical reaction that zaps them away. Each type has its pros and cons, and our shopping guide will help you find the right choice so your home smells its best.

5 Best Air Fresheners of 2021:



In our opinion, this is the best air freshener you can buy for your home, and the best part is that it’s made with no synthetic chemicals, but from a unique blend of 100 per cent pure and natural essential oils.

As well as spraying in the air, you can also use Puressentiel Purifying Air Spray on carpets, bedding and upholstery to immediately freshen a room.

Just one spray will make a difference and you’ll immediately notice the air clearing. This truly is worth the money for those times when you’ve been cooking something strong or you’ve guests arriving in minutes and don’t want to just mask the smell, but kill the odour. For those who work all day and can’t leave their windows open to air their home, this spray makes your home smell fresh as a daisy, too.

It’s quite pricey, and strong, so all you need is one spray per room (trust us, it’s plenty). The only downside is that it’s not easily accessible in shops – so buy online.

  • 100% natural
  • A little goes a very long way
  • Long-lasting
  • Not easy to find in shops
  • Can’t be sprayed around babies

2. Glade Automatic Spray Air Freshener

Glade Automatic Spray Air Fresheners

Glade is a globally renowned trademark under which SC Johnson company manufacturers the whole range of fragrancing products including oils and gels, candles and wax melts, plug-ins and automatic sprays providing a variety of odorizing solutions to meet different needs and applications. Today, Glade products can be found almost at any home, predominantly in bathrooms, kitchens, halls, and living rooms. One of the most popular Glade fresheners is the Automatic Spray Set.

The original set contains one spray refill and a plastic dispenser with two batteries inside. The dispenser features an easy-to-open latch design for a quick and hassle-free refill can installation and replacement.

The air freshener is distinguished by a beautiful etched design in a pastel color with a floral pattern and will ideally blend with your interior decor. Hence, there is no need to place it somewhere out of site. The unit can stand alone on a desk, tables, shelf, or windowsill or you can hang it on the wall out of reach of kids.

A refill can included in the set offers the Hawaiian Breeze fragrance that will fill your living space with sweet aromas of tropical fruit, pineapple, and plumeria mixed with the freshness of cool ocean winds. This scent will set up in your dwelling a relaxing and cozy atmosphere of leisure and summer holidays. Allowing you to choose any other fragrance from Glade collection, this sprayer is compatible with refills from other brands as well.

  • Multiple uses
  • Lots of different scents
  • A lot for your money
  • Great for pets
  • You have to dilute it

3. Air Wick Essential Mist

Air Wick Essential Mist

This best air freshener is an oil diffuser that transforms the air into the mist. Of course, this diffuser device is safe to use and can operate in 8 hours per cycle continuously. With this device, it will keep the places feel fresh with fragrances. Moreover, it is easy to use and save money. You only refill the oil for a full tank and can use up to 45 days with lower setting mode. Therefore, this is ideal and you can have an amazing fresh environment daily.

Besides, this oil diffuser device is suitable for the living room, bathroom, office, basement, and other places. Furthermore, it will keep the room feel good and help you to feel happy with peace of mind. Additionally, if you need to have a place that feels fresh all the time, this fragrant mist diffuser is perfect for choice.

  • Long-lasting fragrant mist
  • Automatic operation
  • Easy to refill the oil
  • Makes floors slippery

4. Bosharon Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser

Bosharon Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser

With a large capacity of 300ML, this is a great selection of an air freshener dispenser that you should consider. The unit will, therefore, bring about continuous air dispensing to keep the room fresh. In addition to this, it has an elegant modern design so that it fits into every space. You can, therefore, use it for home or commercial purposes. In addition to this, the unit is a breeze to install by mounting on the wall or freestanding on the table/countertop.

To add more, it is a battery-operated unit that uses two D-Cell batteries. It also features a large LCD screen for wider display and easy control of the functions. Three optional day modes that include Monday-Friday, Monday-Saturday, and Monday-Sunday. It also has a spray range from 1-60 minutes thus a pick that will serve you better.

  • It is a breeze to mount
  • Ideal for home and commercial purposes
  • Operates in three modes
  • Doesn’t come with a battery

5. Citrus Magic Solid Best Air Freshener Fresh Citrus

Citrus Magic Solid Best Air Freshener Fresh Citrus

If you are looking for a long-lasting air freshener, this Citrus Magic Solid is a long-lasting product to eliminate the odor and keep the room and places fresh and clean longer. Moreover, this best air freshener is suitable for room, basement, bathrooms, cars, pet areas, laundry, closets, and other places. Furthermore, this air freshener is made of unique formula to help to control the odors and keep the places fresh for up to 8 weeks.

Additionally, this air freshener comes with 3 items in one pack, so you can use them separately at different places. Besides, this product is made of natural ingredients and safe to use. It won’t harm your health and pets. Something else, it helps to improve sanitation and hygiene. Therefore, you can feel happy and take a deep breath with peace.

  • Eco-friendly product
  • Odor absorber effectively
  • Can enjoy different popular scents
  • Nothing for the price

What Is an Air Freshener?

Nice fragrances evoke pleasant emotions and can create a cozy relaxing atmosphere to shake off the stress and soothe your nerves or add a refreshing vibe to your environment to help you cheer up and get rid of drowsiness. Air fresheners are intended to mask unpleasant odors and saturate the surrounding environment with wonderful fragrances to create a certain atmosphere at your home or work.

Modern air fresheners are available in a whole variety of formats including candles, gels, beads, potpourris, reed diffusers, plug-ins, and automatic sprayers. Automatic air freshener dispensers offer one of the easiest, most affordable and efficient ways to add a constant fragrance to your place.

Air freshener types

Since they’re inexpensive, you can experiment with popular types of air fresheners (we’re not including scented candles here) to find your favorite. Each type handles odors in a different way and with varying effectiveness. You might like one type of air freshener or odor neutralizer for a specific room or purpose.

  • Air freshener spray: Common air fresheners come in portable aerosol cans which use compressed gas to propel the fragrance into the air in a fine mist.
  • Liquid air fresheners: Scented liquids are dispersed by semi-stationary gadgets such as electric plug-in refill bottles, automatic spray kits, and diffusers. They’re usually filled with a solvent like isopropyl alcohol which dissolves when the freshener or essential oil is sprayed. The solvent helps carry the fragrance into the air, and then it quickly evaporates.
  • Solid air fresheners: Cones, stick-ups, and wax-melt products with fragrance embedded into the wax can be hidden while emitting scent into the air.
  • Bead air fresheners: Gel-infused beads slowly evaporate for consistent fragrance release. There are beads (also called crystals) which attract and trap excess moisture from the air while eliminating stale odors.

Tips for using the air fresheners

Place your automatic air freshener dispenser four to six feet off the floor and low enough below the ceiling that a burst of spray has time to disperse before hitting the floor or ceiling. If it hits the surface before fully dispersing, it may create an oily residue or sheen.

You may want to use two automatic air freshener dispensers to freshen an extra-large room. For an average room measuring around 150 square feet, you could get away with one dispenser, but you’d likely need more than that for a room that’s double or triple the size.

You might be able to pinch-hit by using a spray air freshener in place of a spray fabric freshener. However, the fragrance won’t last as long. The scent of a spray fabric freshener lasts longer because of its binding technology. Also, be careful of water spots that may appear when using spray air freshener on delicate fabrics, such as drapery, curtains, and bedding.

FAQs About Air Fresheners

Sweeten your home with one of the best air fresheners available. If you choose a plug-in or electric diffuser, make sure to consider your scent preferences and choose a fragrance that is light and enjoyable for you as well as for family and friends. Or go for unscented charcoal sachets for an easy, eco-friendly solution to odor elimination and air purification.

Q. What are the most popular scents for the home?

Citrus, vanilla, spices (like cinnamon and cloves), and other botanicals found in essential oils.

Q. Where should air fresheners be placed in a room?

Where the source of the odor is or where the scent can be diffused to maximum effect, like a plug that gets plenty of air flow.

Q. How often do you need to change an air freshener?

Plug-in units need to be changed about every 60 days, and the same is true for gels. Sprays and sachets can last longer, depending on use.