Best Android Smartwatches


If you’re on the hunt for the best android smartwatches you’ve come to the right place. We fully test every single Android-friendly wearable that’s worth knowing about to see which to recommend based on design, features, value and more.

With so many smartwatches on the market, choosing the right one can be a bit daunting.

We’ve rounded up our top-rated options to help you decide. It’s also important to know what to look for, so keep the following advice in mind when shopping around.

How to pick the best android smartwatches

When picking the best android smartwatches for you, you’re somewhat limited by the smartphone you own. If you want an Apple Watch, for instance, you’ll need to have an iPhone. And while Wear OS watches work with both Android and iPhones, you get far less functionality when not connected to an Android device.

Samsung’s smartwatches offer the greatest in terms of cross-functionality, but even here, Android phone owners will get more in terms of replies to notifications and the ability to make and receive phone calls.

After that, when picking a smartwatch, you also want to get one that fits your wrist comfortably. Those with smaller wrists may find larger android smartwatches — ones with case sizes larger than 44mm — to be too bulky and cumbersome to wear.

Although the Apple Watch is limited to one shape, you can purchase it in different finishes. Samsung’s smartwatches offer a little more choice, while Wear OS watches, which are made by a number of companies including Fossil, Skagen, Kate Spade, Moto, Tag Heuer, Diesel, and others, give you many more options when it comes to their design.

10 best android smartwatches for 2021:

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 21.73 x 1.73 x 0.43 in4.80 ounces
Fitbit Versa 21.56 x 1.59 x 0.47 in0.16 Ounces
Samsung Galaxy Watch1.57 x 1.57 x 0.43 in6.4 ounces
Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro4.69 x 4.69 x 3.15 in10.6 ounces
Fossil Sport4.53 x 4.41 x 3.27 in2.26 Ounces

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

You don’t have to use a Samsung phone to enjoy the benefits of owning a Samsung smartwatch, and the Galaxy Watch Active 2 provides the most well-rounded wearables experience for Android users right now.

It’s compact and lightweight but features an extremely sharp and vivid touch display that’s easy to navigate and fun to use thanks to the new capacitive bezel. The Tizen OS is smooth and battery-friendly, unlike Google’s own Wear OS, and while the app selection isn’t massive, the core tenets are there, like Spotify, Strava, and more.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 contains its primary purpose in its name: exercise tracking. The watch comes with GPS built-in, and features automatic workout-tracking, along with sleep tracking, water, food and caffeine consumption tracking, and more. The Running Coach feature is improved, which now gives you real-time pace metrics and a rundown of what to expect from your workout before you start.

You’ll receive audio cues that can be heard through the watch speaker or Bluetooth headphones.

If you mainly wear a smartwatch for notifications, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 delivers there, too, with excellent support for Android’s notification system, letting you reply using your voice, the built-in keyboard, or with one of the many quick answers.

Finally, battery life, while not quite as good as some of the other larger watches on the list, is still pretty excellent, and the watch can be topped up with select Qi wireless pads or with the Galaxy S10’s Wireless PowerShare feature.

  • Compact and well-designed
  • 2-3 days of battery life
  • Automatic workout tracking
  • Water-resistant up to 5ATM
  • Built-in GPS and NFC
  • Third-party app support could be better
  • Tizen OS learning curve

2. Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit Versa 2

The Fitbit Versa 2 is the company’s third smartwatch and the last it made before being acquired by Google. We love it because it added an always-on display, comes in a range of color and strap options, and still tracks your day-to-day health as good as any other Fitbit.

While it can’t do many smartwatch things (notifications are clunky, messaging is a no-no and there are limited apps), the third-party watch face selection is huge and the battery lasts for four to five days even with regular use.

The addition of Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant adds a little more functionality to the proceedings, but the Versa 2 shines when it’s used for what it was made for – core fitness tracking.

  • Always-on display
  • Strong five day battery life
  • Lacks GPS
  • Slightly childish design

3. Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch is one of the most stylish android smartwatches around, and one of the most functional, too.

It’s available in three sizes — 30, 42, and 46 mm — as well as in rose gold, silver, and black, so there’s a version for everyone. The Galaxy Watch’s signature features is a rotating bezel, which not only feels great but makes it easy to navigate the watch’s interface.

Another great feature of the Galaxy Watch is its excellent battery life, up to 4-5 days, which is double that most other smartwatches.

The Galaxy Watch also has storage for music, Samsung Pay for contactless payments, and some good fitness features too. The biggest issues are that Samsung’s app store is pretty limited, and you can’t use all of the Galaxy Watch’s features when it’s paired with an iPhone.

  • Stylish design
  • Long battery life
  • Good fitness features
  • Built-in music storage
  • Few apps for Tizen

4. Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro

Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro

The Ticwatch Pro has become the crowd-favorite since its arrival last July. No wonder, the new smartwatch from Mobvoi comes with two displays: a low-power FTSN LCD panel and an OLED screen. The transparent LCD display is on top of the full-color OLED one.

The FTSN LCD screen shows you the basic info such as the time, the date, your heart rate, and step count while the OLED display shows off all the features and functions the Ticwatch Pro smartwatch has to offer.

When you decide to switch to the FTSN LCD display, it puts the smartwatch to Essential Mode which consumes less battery, making the device last for 30 days on a single charge. Switching to the OLED screen will turn on the Smart Mode and lend you a two-day battery life.

Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 processor, the Ticwatch Pro sports 512GB RAM and 4GB built-in storage. It is IP68-rated, which means that this Android smartwatch is dust-resistance and waterproof. It also has a heart rate monitor and GPS.

  • Attractive, classic design
  • Digital crown is fantastic
  • Excellent quality display
  • Built-in GPS and NFC
  • Expensive
  • 22mm bands not compatible with previous Falster watches

5. Fossil Sport

Fossil Sport

Fossil Sport runs on the Wear OS, making it a true Android smartwatch.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to expect a great looking watch from a long-time watchmaker like Fossil, and the Fossil Sport certainly doesn’t disappoint in the design department. It also has all the features you expect from your wearable tech.

With NFC capabilities, GPS and all-day heart rate monitoring in a lightweight and slim package, the Sport was designed with the modern man in mind. It’s even waterproof enough to go swimming without taking it off.

The GPS has been known to be a little finicky and it can take a minute to find your location, but those are minor drawbacks for an otherwise reliable product. Ultimately, it is an impressive watch, especially when you factor in the price.

  • Lightweight design
  • Powerful watch
  • Lacks high-end features
  • GPS can be slow

6. TicWatch E2 android smartwatches

TicWatch E2

Now it’s time for one of the cheapest devices on this list, and it comes from Chinese manufacturer Mobvoi. The TicWatch E2 isn’t a huge improvement on the first-gen watch, but it offers some fantastic features considering its price.

We really like the two-day battery life and the fact you can get all of the features of Wear OS on a watch for this low a price. It’s quite an impressive feat, and that’s why it ranks so highly in our best Android watch list.

There’s no NFC (so no Google Pay) but we can forgive that at this price, especially as you do get GPS and a heart rate monitor.

  • Affordable price
  • Easily two day battery life
  • No NFC for payments
  • Bland design

7. Fossil Hybrid HR

Fossil Hybrid HR

Hybrid smartwatches are unique in many ways. Most importantly, you often can’t tell it’s a smartwatch at all. It comes with just enough features to claim the ‘smart’ title but it’s not identical to some of the other picks on this list.

For instance, you won’t have a touchscreen, so all of your navigating will be done with the three side buttons. It also doesn’t have a colorful display, but at least you get a solid 2 weeks of battery life in return.

You can customize the display to your liking, which will include at-a-glance info of your choosing, such as weather, steps, and notifications.

Other than basic activity/sleep tracking and heart-rate monitoring, don’t expect a well-rounded smartwatch experience from the Fossil Hybrid HR. It’s only a hybrid, after all. You’ll miss out on GPS, NFC payments, music storage, and other premium features.

  • Lovely design
  • Customizable display
  • Activity/sleep tracking
  • Heart-rate monitoring
  • 2+ weeks of battery
  • Lacks GPS options
  • Limited features
  • Not the best for serious tracking

8. Garmin Vivoactive 4

Garmin Vivoactive 4

Garmin took the best features of its Vivoactive 3, the best android smartwatches for fitness, and made them even better with the $349 Vivoactive 4 and 4S.

The watch now comes in two sizes, 40mm and 45mm, to offer a better fit for most people, and includes both Garmin Pay and music storage out of the box (instead of having to pay more for premium features like with the Vivoactive 3).

The Vivoactive 4 also offers animated on-screen yoga and Pilates workouts to help you improve your poses.

A new pulse ox sensor measures your blood oxygen level and gives you more detailed sleep insights. All of that plus 7-day battery life makes the Vivoactive 4 our favorite smartwatch for fitness buffs.

  • Comes in two sizes
  • Built-in music storage with Spotify support
  • Two-button navigation
  • Occasional syncing issues
  • Convoluted app installation process

9. Skagen Falster 3

Skagen Falster 3

Ever since the first Falster android smartwatches, the range has been a leader in terms of design. And the Falster 3 is no different. At just 11mm thin and powered by a Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor, it’s a great looking and powerful Wear OS smartwatch that comes recommended.

The newly released Falster 3 also boasts upgraded memory, water resistance and heart rate monitor. Battery life remains at 24 hours. It runs on Fossil Group’s Gen 5 platform – with Google’s Wear OS in the background.

It has grown to 42mm (which we count as unisex) but retains its premium case with great looking (if fiddly) straps. The 1.3-inch AMOLED is also bigger, so overall the smartwatch is easier to read and use.

The beauty of the Falster 3 is still its thinness, and at 11mm there are few devices that look and feel so sleek on the wrist.

However, the heart rate sensor isn’t anywhere near good enough and the design and strap aren’t really suited to sweaty workouts.

  • Affordable price
  • NFC for Google Pay
  • No LTE option
  • Kind of flimsy

10. Suunto 7

Suunto 7

The Suunto 7 is a smartwatch that manages to bring some interesting software features to the table, but is ultimately held back by familiar Wear OS shortcomings – including battery life and poor on-board fitness tracking.

In running terms the built in Suunto app does a good job, and offers decent mapping features – based on Suunto’s heatmap software. Run tracking was accurate and you get decent analytics – but the experience isn’t as polished or slick as the Apple Watch or dedicated Garmins.

Ultimately though, it’s ended up with something that costs more than an Apple Watch and a whole host of other sporty android smartwatches that will give you a better overall experience. Even if it does have those great mapping skills.

On the music front there’s 8GB of storage on board (smartwatches normally have 4GB) leaving room for thousands of MP3s to be played from the wrist.

  • Built-in GPS and offline outdoor maps
  • Attractive, sporty design
  • Various color options
  • Excellent activity tracking
  • A bit too huge for some
  • Battery life is mediocre
  • Extremely pricey

How we test the android smartwatches

In descending order of importance, these are the things we think matter when it comes to recommending a smartwatch for most people:

  • Notifications: We pay attention to how well a watch handles notifications from a phone. In particular, we observe how easy it is to read, dismiss, or respond to notifications, whether by tapping, typing, or speaking, and how well we can filter the notifications coming into the watch.
  • Style: We note how the watch feels, looks, and functions on the wrist. This includes the strap, the case, and how it fits on all sizes of wrists.
  • Fitness: How well does the watch function as a basic fitness tracker? Ideally, you shouldn’t need to wear two devices on your wrist for things like step tracking, roughly accurate (but not exact) tracking of long walks, runs, or cycling sessions, and reminders not to stay sedentary.
  • Build quality: This pertains to how the buttons, the spinning crown, the turning bezel, and the touchscreen of a watch function and how they feel to use many times per day.
  • Battery: We measure whether the battery can last a full, active day (at least 16 to 18 hours).
  • Voice assistant: We gauge the usefulness of the voice functions, both in speech-to-text messaging and replies, and, where applicable, the digital assistant (Google Assistant or Bixby) function.
  • Apps: We note how useful the watch’s built-in apps are and how extensive the selection of third-party apps and watch faces is.

We test watches than run Wear OS, Tizen, and other operating systems by wearing them while they’re connected to Android phones. Whenever possible, we ask other people to try out our potential picks to get an idea of how various wearers react to a watch’s size, style, interface, and features.


The best android smartwatch is more than just a way to get smartphone notifications on your wrist. The device has to be everything in one: a fitness tracker, a wallet and in some cases, even a phone.

You’ll also need to weigh the importance of features like fitness and sleep tracking, cellular connectivity, and of course, aesthetics — you’re still shopping for a watch, after all, and it should be compatible with your style!