Best Electric Bikes


Whether it is environmental protection or fitness, electric bikes are a good choice.

In recent years, the development of electric bikes has been rapid, and various designs and functions have emerged in an endless stream. No matter what kind of electric bicycles you need, you can find suitable products on the market.

Nowadays, environmental protection is getting more and more attention, which is also the reason for the rapid development of electric bicycles.

If you also want to buy an electric bike, whether it is price, quality or brand, you can find the answer you need in our next guide.

How we test the electric bikes

Our team of experienced testers incorporate electric bikes of all types into our routines almost daily. We’ve spent many hours and miles using electric bikes for their intended purpose.

We’ve commuted to and from work on them, used them to stock up on groceries and beer, tested their passenger-hauling capability, ridden them on questionable terrain to see how they handle, and run their batteries down to officially see how long they last on one charge. We evaluated them on performance, price, comfort, handling, value, reliability, fun, aesthetics, and overall e-factor to come up with this list of bikes that will best serve the needs of anyone looking to add a little pedal assist to their ride.

3 Classes of Electric Bikes

After you decide which style of electric bike you want, consider which class you prefer. In the U.S., there are three classes defined by the type of assist and how fast the motor will propel you.

Most electric bikes sold are class 1 or 3. Class 1 bikes have a motor (max 750w) that assists while you’re pedaling, up to 20 mph. Class 3, also known as “speed pedelec,” can also have up to only a 750w motor (aka 1 horsepower), but it can assist you up to 28 mph. Both are allowed in most states and cities without the need for a license. Class 2 models have a throttle that can propel a bike up to and maintain 20 mph without having to continuously pedal. Aventon’s Pace 500 is technically a Class 3 e-bike in that it reaches speeds up to 28 mph, but it also has a throttle that tops out at 20 mph (the maximum legal speed for a throttle).

10 Best Electric Bikes of 2021:

NameL x W x HWeight
Merax 26″ Aluminum54 x 29 x 8 in40 Pounds
Gocycle GX51 x 26 x 9 in40.8 Pounds
VOLT Infinity 155 x 28.4 x 8.5 in37.8 Pounds
Aceshin 26”58.5 x 30.5 x 10.5 in57 Pounds
ECOTRIC Fat Tire52.25 x 27 x 8 in38.15 Pounds

1. Merax 26″ Aluminum

Merax 26" Aluminum

If you want a rugged wheel and powerful drive with the latest technology and features, the Merax 26″ Aluminum is definitely one of the best choices.

It has a reliable Shimano transmission that provides easy flat paddle and smooth shifting through a 7-speed transmission.

In addition, this electric bike is equipped with a 36V 8.8Ah lithium-ion battery and comes with a key. Typically, full charging takes 5-6 hours and speeds up to 32 km/h.

Flicking from the pedal assist mode to the pure electric mode is as simple as flipping the switch with your thumb. The lightweight aluminum frame makes the pedals easy and enjoyable, while the double-walled alloy wheels and CPSC-certified wheels provide reliability and stability on both the road and off-road.

  • Cost-effective
  • Aluminum frame is rigid
  • Intelligent brake and shifting system
  • Intelligent digital panel
  • A bit heavy

2. Gocycle GX

Gocycle GX

We all know that electric bikes need to be recharged frequently, so if there is a bicycle that can be easily folded and then taken home, it solves the problem of charging.

Yes, the Gocycle GX is the best folding electric bike!

From the appearance, the GX grows small and thick. But don’t underestimate it, it’s very powerful, and it’s smooth enough to ride.

However, it won’t fold neatly like Brompton, and fortunately, you can fold it up quickly and it’s not very heavy.

If you are looking for a small and foldable electric bike, you can consider the GX.

  • Riding is fun
  • Can be adjusted by app
  • Fold up quickly and easily
  • The volume is still large after folding

3. VOLT Infinity 1

VOLT Infinity 1

The VOLT’s 36V battery-claimed to last 70miles – is hooked up to a mid-drive motor that gives a nice balanced feel to the bike.

Most electric bike riders are on the road most of the time. If the tires don’t provide a reliable guarantee for the rider, then it is not a good car.

Although this is an excellent bike, its off-road performance cannot be ignored. This 26 * 4.0 non-slip tire is definitely the highlight of this bike.

Not only does it make it easy to cross-country, it also adapts easily to snow, sand, gravel and almost any other complex terrain.

In addition, the motor can reach speeds of up to 23 mph, while its 36V / 12AH detachable lithium-ion battery provides up to 19 miles of pure electric driving.

It is definitely one of the best choices for those who are eager to ride a mountain bike and conquer uneven terrain, or those who want to have a little extra performance on the road.

  • Shimano steps system
  • 26 * 4.0 anti-skid tires
  • Strong off-road performance
  • Hexagon bolts on the rear wheel

4. Aceshin 26”

Aceshin 26''

If you want an affordable and sturdy electric bike, we would like to recommend the Aceshin 26” without hesitation.

It is made of durable materials, ergonomically designed, and 3-speed instrument speed. Simple operation and durable leather.

Not only that, it is equipped with a 250W high-speed brushless motor and a 36 V 8AH lithium-ion battery, charging time of 4-6 hours, up to 6 hours of continuous riding.

Also, it has a high quality disc brake, we like its non-slip tires and aluminum saddles and pedals.

If you are looking for a lightweight mountain bike with less than $1000, the Aceshin 26′ is definitely the best choice.

  • Stylish and comfortable
  • 26″ big wheel
  • Bright 6 LED lights
  • Not suitable for professional riders

5. ECOTRIC Fat Tire


Finally, we recommend a beach snowmobile. Of course this is not the only beach snow bike we tested, other products are also very competitive, but the price is too expensive.

The ECOTRIC Fat Tire is very cost effective, which means you can buy high quality, top speed, good battery capacity and 3 working and 90% fully assembled electric bikes at the cheapest price.

In addition, it is portable, suitable for moving and storage, lightweight, rugged, and each part is made of top-quality materials.

The biggest advantage of the ECOTRIC Fat Tire electric bike is that there is a hub motor in the rear brake that can boost the hills or mountains by accelerating a lot of torque.

Overall, this is an all-terrain bike that gives you the best support wherever you go.

  • 36V power display
  • 23 mph maximum speed
  • Waterproof non-slip tire
  • Battery lock system
  • No separate charger port
  • A bit heavy

6. Trek Allant+ 9.9S Stagger

Trek Allant+ 9.9S Stagger

The Trek Allant+ 9.9S is a fully focused, I-have-someplace-to-be, don’t-get-in-my-way e-rocket ship with the aggressive geometry to match.

It has a full carbon frame and fork, Shimano XT drivetrain and brakes, and a Bosch Performance Speed motor (that means it tops out at 28mph). Even more good news for the dedicated commuter: It’s compatible with Range Boost, which lets you piggyback a 500Wh Bosch battery to the already frame-integrated 625Wh Bosch PowerTube, almost doubling your range.

And the Bosch Smartphone Hub display, which is compatible with the COBI.Bike app via Bluetooth, lets you charge your phone, stream music, get turn-by-turn directions, make/take calls, and track data. Don’t expect to haul much on the rear rack; its size makes it pretty limited.

Perfectionists beware: If you can’t handle even the slightest smudge, the easily marred matte frame and fenders will drive you bananas.

  • Range Boost lets you add a second battery
  • Carbon frame and fork
  • Quality parts from Bosch and Shimano
  • Matte frame smudges easily
  • Very expensive

7. BMC Alpenchallenge AMP Road e-bike

BMC Alpenchallenge AMP Road e-bike

BMC don’t often do ugly bikes, and but their Alpenchallenge AMP Road e-bike might be a bit polarizing in the looks department. Most of the frame looks like a typical BMC, save for the bulbous long-range battery integrated into the seat tube.

Despite its name, it’s only just scraped into the road bike category, and it’s not exactly a traditional road bike. On test we found it to be more of a ‘high end mixed surface commuter bike ideal for flat terrain’, which is a bit of a niche market.

There are, however, several models of the Road version and then there’s the BMC Alpenchallenge AMP Sport, Cross and City options too. It’s definitely an electric bike model worth checking out as there should be one to suit most riding styles and budgets.

  • Extra long range
  • Ride feel
  • Finishing kit
  • Power to weight ratio
  • Low torque

8. Gazelle Medeo T9 Classic

Gazelle Medeo T9 Classic

A classic bicycle feel and comfortable ride are the hallmarks of Dutch bike maker Gazelle’s Medeo T9. Its low-step design means it’s easy to hop on, and touches like a front-fork suspension and supple seat from Selle Royal give it an easy-going feel.

Gazelle’s sturdy aluminum frame and solid components, like a mid-drive Bosch motor, which drives power through the chain, imply reliability but also make for a slightly heavier bike at almost 50 pounds. It makes the Medeo T9 less than ideal for apartment dwellers, but it’s within the weight class of many ebikes, which often tip the scales at about 45 pounds.

Nevertheless, Gazelle’s bikes handle well and the electric components won’t surprise riders with sudden lurches or acceleration. Furthermore, the hydraulic disc brakes help make it responsive and well-balanced.

We also like the bike’s retro aesthetic that recalls a gilded age of bike riding, making it perfect for suburbanites, beach bums, and even the AARP set.

  • Beautiful design
  • Cushy ride
  • Heavy

9. Riese & Müller Load 60

Riese & Müller Load 60

Riese & Muller bikes evince some of the best mechanical engineering available in a bike. It pays off in this full-suspension and incredibly maneuverable cargo bike that can haul up to 220-pounds worth of groceries or gear.

The R&M Load 60 is also priced accordingly, starting at more than $8,000, but it includes professional-grade components, including two 500Wh batteries for up to 12 hours of power-assisted range and a heavy-duty Bosch Cargo motor that helps out until you hit 28 mph.

Over hill and dale, we found the bike’s low center of gravity meant it never felt twitchy, even at high speeds. The battery and Bosch mid-motor design delivered enough power for us to pass a carbon-fiber bike rider on Harlem hill in New York’s Central Park. R&M is also one of the more robust brands of ebikes available and the Load 60 can safely handle two toddlers (up to 6 years old) up front, but you’ll need the double child seat accessory for that. It costs an additional $294. It’s the best ebike for those who have to haul a lot of stuff.

  • Hauls a lot of assets
  • Good handling
  • Expensive

10. Batch Bicycles E-Commuter

Batch Bicycles E-Commuter

This super-affordable e-bike will impress you with its price and surprise you with its parts. Powered by Bosch, this $2k commuter runs on a 250-watt Active Line Gen 3 mid-drive motor and a 400Wh battery that provides you with up to 80 miles on one charge (30 if you’re zipping along in turbo mode).

Don’t worry about keeping track; everything you need to know is displayed on the easy-to-read Purion unit. Our tester praised the 27.5×1.75-inch Kenda Kwick Twenty.5 Sport tires for their ability to stay planted on the road, and the entry-level Shimano Altus 8-speed drivetrain for providing her with the gears she needed to cruise uphill at a comfortable cadence.

Other bonus parts worth mentioning: fenders, a rear rack with spring clip, and hydraulic disc brakes. If you want to illuminate your ride, lights are on you; they’re not included.

  • Nice parts for the price
  • Affordable for an e-bike
  • This model not available as a step-thru
  • Lights not included

Electric Bikes Buying Guide

It must be said that the price of electric bicycles is really expensive, you need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to buy a suitable bicycle.

If you didn’t buy the right product, it was often annoying. So before we buy, we still need to understand the relevant information.

Type of electric bicycles

Simply put, why do you want to buy an electric bike, what is your main purpose?

  • Comfort: These bikes are suitable for cycling in the city, they are easy to handle and ergonomic.
  • Off-road type: If you need a bicycle that can take you over the mountains, it must have a solid frame and be waterproof and non-slip.
  • Almighty: You can ride it around the city or you can enjoy it on the beach or in the snow.

What to look for when buying electric bikes

  • Pedal-assist or throttle? Electric bikes tend to fall into two categories: Pedal-assist and throttle. The motor on a pedal-assist electric bike will only kick in if you’re actively pedaling, whereas a throttle electric bike will zip you along even when you’re not pedaling.
  • Motor type: Less expensive electric bikes traditionally use a rear hub motor. Mid-drive motors located in the center pedal crank shaft tend to be more expensive but offer better overall balance and smoother shifting.
  • Battery size: Consider where you live. If you’re in San Francisco you’re going to want more help than if you’re cruising around Austin. Watt hours (Wh) is the most important figure for comparison—it takes into account battery output and battery life to give you a better sense of available power. Higher Wh translates into more range.
  • Removable or built-in battery? Most bike batteries will handle rides of about 40 miles and need to be plugged in for at least a couple of hours to get to 80 percent of capacity. So if you have a more demanding commute, consider a model that lets you swap out the battery rather than a bike with an integrated battery.