Best Portable Car Battery Charger

Best Portable Car Battery Charger

Your vehicle is an amazing and complicated machine, but if the battery’s dead, you’re walking. Many things can drain a car’s battery, from forgetting to shut off the dome light to leaving your vehicle parked too long without driving it. A portable car battery charger should be part of your emergency roadside kit.

Almost every motorist who has driven long enough can relate to at least one emergency situation involving their car’s battery. So when you go online or to a dealership looking to buy yourself a battery-powered vehicle, remember to buy the right battery charger to go along with it. If you are mechanically inclined, this will not be very difficult. However, many people do not know the first thing about how battery chargers affect a car’s battery other than merely charging it up.

There is no shortage of those on the market. Matter of fact, there are so many of them that you will most likely get confused by just looking at the list of brands. We got your back. We know what to look for and in this article, we give you as much information as you will need to become an expert at the field. Read on.

5 Best Portable Car Battery Chargers of 2021:

1. Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Peak Amp 12V Jump Starter

Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Peak Amp 12V Jump Starter

The Clore JN660 is probably one of the most reassuring investments you will ever make. It is focused particularly on giving a jumpstart to your battery with extended cranking power. A single charge is good enough for several jump starts, always a relief in the often stressful situation of a worn out battery. But how does it do that?

Well, there are a number of features that make it all possible. First, there is the length of the heavy-duty cable leads. At 46 inches, it is enough to get around most vehicles. Its Hot Jaw clamps are of industrial strength and are able to make a strong connection in spite of any corrosion.

Then there is the Clore Proformer battery technology which is all about delivering maximum power with a density and durability to match. So not only do you get some proper and extensive cranking power, you get a long service life as well. Plus, there is fully automated recharging for the onboard battery so you can leave the unit plugged in and ready for an instant jump start whenever you need it. This is by far one of the best chargers available on the market right now. Most customers will not pass it up.

  • Durable and extensive cranking power
  • Long lasting
  • Not hindered by corrosion
  • Automatic charging facility
  • Air compressor not up to par
  • No light included

2. BMK 12V 5A Smart Battery Charger Portable Lead Acid Battery

BMK 12V 5A Smart Battery Charger Portable Lead Acid Battery

The BMK 12V 5A smart car battery charger is an excellent option for charging batteries that have 15-100Ah. It comes together with a battery condition diagnose, which helps in the detection of defects in the battery before charging. This charger features a DC output of 13.8V/5A and an AC input of Input 100-240V. It’s good to note that this battery can also charge batteries with more than 100Ah only that it’s going to take more time charging.

This charger compensates the temperature adequately to ensure that the charging voltage is optimal. The vulcanization function makes it ideal for the loan mower, car motorcycle, electric vehicle, emergency battery charging as well as electronic tools. It weighs only 15.87oz, meaning you can carry it to various places easy and functions a useful trickle battery charger. This product has a safety feature that starts working at any time the charger is plugged on to prevent marginal batteries from getting damaged due to overcharging. The gadget can easily switch from float mode into full charge in a matter of seconds and lets you enjoy maintenance-free charging.

  • Made using waterproof and long-lasting ABS material
  • Saves time and is highly convenient
  • The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty
  • When the battery is fully charged it automatically stops
  • Not a good option for batteries with a capacity lower than 15AH

3. BLUE SEA 7532 Car Battery Charger

BLUE SEA 7532 Car Battery Charger

Suppose you are completely dark and do not know which car battery charger is the safest and cost-effective to go for. You can give a try to a Blue Sea P12 battery charger.

Blue Sea System takes the credibility of its products and saves its customers from any panic. The company is well known for resolving customers’ issues.

This car battery charger comes in handy and charges the 12 Volts battery easily. It has an impressive and intuitive design with a diagnostic screen display. Compared with other car battery chargers of the same size and same functionality, Blue Sea 7532 stands out and works exceptionally well.

This advanced 4 stage battery charger is sufficient for charging up to 3 battery banks within no time. If you are looking for a car battery charger for your low voltage power sources, the Blue Sea Systems 7532 is a complete package for you.

It offers a PreFloat stage that prevents your devices from overcharging. In easy words, when batteries charge to near full, it instantly adjusts and never gives constant high voltage to your device.

Moreover, Blue Sea Systems has ensured to provide you some built-in safety features. This charger gives you protection against strong and harsh temperature conditions. It also gives protection against Dc reverse polarity and surge and short circuit.

  • Rugged finned aluminum keeps charging electronic cool
  • Automatically restarts after AC shut down happens
  • User-friendly interface
  • Prevents overcharging
  • The overall performance may get low after some time

4. DBPOWER 800A 1800mAh

DBPOWER 800A 1800mAh

Even though this jump starter seems pretty small, it got enough power to give your vehicle battery a serious boost to be able jump starting your car. With its 800 amps of peak current, you can effortlessly jump-start up to 7.2L gas or 5.5L diesel engine.

The starter pack isn’t just great at its power; there are heavy-duty clamps and cables that you can rely on, regarding powering up the engine again. With a capacity of 18000mAh battery, you can jump-start the engine up to 20 times on a single charge.

You can rely on this jump starter when it comes to safety as well. It features high-quality spray gold jumper clamps that provide overcurrent protection. In addition to that, short-circuit protection makes sure there are no accidental firings whatsoever.

Even when you use it for multiple devices, it got your back with the overload protection. The over-voltage and over-charge protection make sure the charger doesn’t overcharge it; thus, it prolongs the overall lifespan of the battery pack.

  • Compact yet heavy-duty jump starter
  • High power input
  • Overcharging, short-circuit protection
  • Boosts vehicles battery up to 20 times on a single charge
  • Useable as a battery power bank for other electronic devices
  • Difficult to figure out how to jump-start car batteries initially
  • Lacks performance when it’s on a low charge

5. Battery Tender Plus 021-0128

We like the Battery Tender Plus despite the irritating digits that make up the rest of its name because it happens to be a cleverly designed and efficient battery charger. It is able to charge up a battery and then keep it at an optimum voltage without sustaining any damage that could be caused by trickle chargers. It can alternate between full charge mode and float charging mode.

Obviously, charging time is a major talking point for any customer. The battery tender is a 1.25-amp charger and will charge your battery a lot quicker than a 3-amp charger would. In the interests of safety, it features a reverse polarity protection feature. The warranty for it is a whopping 10 years.

But let us not forget that this is the Plus version of the Tender which means it has 50% more power and consequently, a faster charge than you get from the Junior. This is another important feature especially considering the ever-increasing dependency of modern cars on electronics. The Plus is even better at staving off negative effects of drainage. However, making a really good battery was not enough. The company has already put this battery charger through numerous upgrades in design and software to keep it at the forefront of the market.

  • Intuitive design
  • 10 year warranty period
  • Frequently updated
  • Fast charging time
  • Effectively combats drainage
  • Clamps could be larger
  • Troublesome to use on a flat battery


  • Battery charging: Some portable car battery chargers can only charge a few types of batteries, while others are more flexible. Is your car battery a 12-volt or a six-volt? Lead-acid or lithium-ion? Make sure the portable car battery charger can handle your vehicle’s battery before buying.
  • Battery jumping: A battery charger and a battery jumper are two separate devices, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pick up a unit that can do both. While chargers slowly power up a battery, raising its charge level over time, a jumper produces a fast burst of power to quickly start a dead battery. Though you will pay more, finding a portable charger with both capabilities will give you more options when dealing with a dead or dying car battery.
  • Speed: Less expensive portable car battery chargers often take their sweet time charging a battery. As you move up in price and power, the length of time it takes to charge a battery shrinks significantly.
  • Durability: Portable car battery chargers often take a beating, particularly if you keep the charger in your trunk. As such, steer toward those that are durable both in terms of the charger housing and additional parts like the alligator clamps. Even better, find a charger that comes with its own carrying case so you can securely store it and tote it around.

Look for Features That Ensure Safe Operation

There are various features that can be included with your portable car battery charger to help keep you safe while you’re using it. These can include weatherproofing, auto shut off, reverse polarity protection, and protection against overheating. We recommend seeking out the following to avoid any accidental mishaps when using your charger.

While car battery issues are by no means restricted to only when the weather is colder, you are much more likely to have a flat battery or be running low on charge during the colder months. Weatherproofing can make sure that your charger is protected from extreme temperatures, rain, and snow.

Auto shut off prevents over charging when the battery is at capacity. It also stops too much power being applied if the charger isn’t suitable for the battery. It does this by monitoring the charge flowing between the ports, and if it is too high it automatically shuts off.

Finally, overheating protection is fairly self explanatory. The charger monitors the temperature of both itself and the battery as it’s charging, and if the temperature gets too high, it automatically switches off to prevent any damage.

TIPS of Using Portable Car Battery Chargers

  • If you can never figure out which clamp goes on which terminal when dealing with a car battery, consider buying a charger with reverse polarity protection. This will keep you from damaging the battery if you mix up the clamp and terminal connections.
  • Solar battery chargers aren’t for everyone, but if you are only trying to maintain a parked vehicle battery over a period of time, they are a low-cost option, and they don’t require a power source to operate.
  • Read through the manual when you first receive your portable car battery charger to familiarize yourself with its main features and operation. You don’t want to be trying to figure out how to use it during an emergency.
  • If you are unsure about your battery’s specifications, find a charger that includes an automatic charge rate selector.
  • Three-stage chargers offer several different modes of charging, from fast charging and top-off charging to trickle charge, which can help maintain a vehicle’s battery in storage.
  • Clean your battery terminals with a fine-grit sandpaper before connecting the charger clamps to create the best possible connection.