Best Smartwatches For Women


The best smartwatch for women needs to be able to monitor your health, track your location when exercising, offer a variety of other apps that you wouldn’t normally see on your smartphone, sport good battery life and, perhaps most importantly, have an affordable price.

You will found many great choice women’s smartwatches and it could be a little hard to make a decision and many option like color ,style ,size and functions like calls, emails, texts and social media notifications. several tries are created, some additional eminent than others, some far better wanting than others and a few smarter than others.

Our top picks geared toward a variety of lifestyles will help you on that buying journey. The winners are based upon our comprehensive categorical testing, road testing newer models, and reviewing updates to past favorites.

What to Look for in smartwatches for women

  • Style: You no longer have to sacrifice on aesthetics when it comes to choosing a smartwatch. These days, there’s a wide range of styles available, from sporty to techie to designer. Choose an option that you won’t mind showing off on a regular basis.
  • Price: Early smartwatches were wildly expensive, but they’ve started to come down in price and are now more on par with traditional watches. Most hover in the $200 range, but you can find basic options for as little as $30.
  • Functionality: It may look cool, but does your smartwatch truly add value to your life? At their most basic, smartwatches can track your activity level and sleep patterns.

10 Best Smartwatches For Women 2021:

Apple Watch Series 312.32 x 2.69 x 1.33 in9.9 ounces
Samsung Gear S31.8 x 1.9 x 0.5 in2.11 ounces
Huawei Watch 21.81 x 1.81 x 0.42 in12.6 ounces
Fitbit Versa1.56 x 1.59 x 0.47 in0.16 Ounces
Fossil Q Venture HR4.4 x 4.4 x 3.2 in5 Ounces

1. Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3

Speaking of its appearance, it is equipped with a feminine pink beach sports belt. The most upgraded content in this series is related to the screen panel.

One of the features added to the display is the application of miniature LEDs.

It has heart rate monitoring and activity tracking because it tracks your steps, walking distance, calories burned and climbed floors.

And it uses a gold-aluminum chassis, Ion-X glass is rugged, and the 3D Touch display and 1000 nits are protected.

It is important that the Apple Watch Series 3 comes with an embedded SIM card for use with all operators outside of Verizon.

Specifically, it is water resistant to 164 feet (50 meters) so you can swim with it with confidence.

It is suitable for 2G, 3G and 4G, cellular connections allow users to send iMessage directly. It also has onboard music storage and online payment, and it provides up to 16 GB of storage.

At the same time, in terms of batteries, the Apple Watch Series 3 features a new W2 chip that can save up to 50% of energy.

  • Brightly visible screen
  • Fitness function
  • Ion-X glass is sturdy and durable
  • Good waterproof
  • Not compatible with Android
  • 4G models are very expensive

2. Samsung Gear S3

Samsung Gear S3

Samsung is a world-renowned electronics manufacturer and the Samsung Gear S3 is one of the best products.

The watch itself is quite large with a 46 mm round surface and a rotating bezel. Specifically, it gives you access to GPS, heart rate monitor, waterproof, NFC and activity tracking, You can pay with Easy Pay with Samsung Pay.

Although its design is a bit strange, if it is replaced with a rubber wristband, it also becomes sporty. In addition to better design to accommodate the fashionistas of women, it offers military-grade performance.

What should be mentioned is that the watch is also compatible with iOS and Android, so you should receive notifications in real time.

It resists dust, water and a one-time landing. The Always On technology also ensures that the screen is always illuminated at least partially.

  • Compatible with Android OS 4.4+ and iOS 9.0+
  • Fitness tracking, heart rate monitor
  • Pay with Samsung Pay
  • Battery life 2-3 days
  • Slightly expensive

3. Huawei Watch 2

Huawei Watch 2

Huawei Watch 2 is sporty and classic, with Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor, which is one of the most affordable options.

For girls it is usually an excellent smartwatch with heart rate monitoring to track the intensity of your fitness activities.

It also allows you to better understand your physical condition by recording your lighting, depth and duration of the REM sleep phase with the TruSleep function.

Like many smart watches, it also has a built-in GPS and GLONASS dual positioning system to help you navigate outdoors.

Importantly, Huawei Watch 2 allows you to receive timely notifications of calls, text messages and other important applications.

It also supports NFC technology, You can choose from 3 different battery settings. Specifically, your watch can last for 3 weeks in viewing mode, 2 days in smart power save mode, and 7 hours in GPS mode.

  • Improved with Android Wear 2.0
  • The battery lasts for 3 weeks in viewing mode
  • Equipped with optional 4G model
  • Sensors may sometimes be inaccurate
  • The display is a bit small

4. Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Versa is a medium budget smart watch, but it also has a variety of features. It is one of the most popular Android smartwatches for women.

It can be said that it provides you with all-weather heart rate monitoring and multiple sports, activity tracking. and it also allows you to better understand your physical condition by recording your lighting, depth and duration of the REM sleep phase with the TruSleep function.

Moreover, It should be noted that Versa offers you more than 15 sports modes, such as running or swimming (anti-swim, waterproof up to 50 meters). And it allows you to store more than 300 songs.

In addition to other on-screen displays, it also allows you to send quick responses (Android only). You can also get a special version of the built-in NFC chip for online payment.

  • Heart rate monitoring and multiple sports, activity tracking
  • Provides over 15 sports modes
  • The amount of storage can also
  • Lack of built-in GPS

5. Fossil Q Venture HR

Fossil Q Venture HR

The Fossil Q Venture HR is a Wear OS smart watch that combines elegant design with essential features.

There is no doubt that it is one of the best looking smartwatches for women. Because it has nine different options, from classic stainless steel to rose gold metal and crystal decoration.

It can closely observe your resting heart rate, which is an effective indicator of health. The most exciting thing is that Q Venture HR has launched a wrist-based optical heart rate monitor.

And it’s waterproof, so you can take it to swim, plus its independent GPS, making it unrestricted, which means running without a cell phone, walking or ride a bicycle.

Plus it is easy to connect to GPS. Moreover, this smartwatch also includes NFC, which allows you to make contactless payments through Google Pay.

Speaking of storage, it has 4GB of storage. Fossil’s battery life lasts for up to a full day, which means it needs to be recharged every night.

  • Stylish design
  • Google Pay
  • Customizable dial
  • Slow heart rate monitoring
  • Average battery life

6. Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6

The new Apple Watch Series 6 is another superb choice when shopping for a women’s smartwatch, especially if you’re already an Apple enthusiast. This new model provides a few subtle updates, most notably the addition of blood oxygen monitoring as well as sleep tracking. Believe it or not, the Apple Watch has not offered built-in sleep tracking until now.

It’s safe to say many users will be pleased with this upgrade. It’s not much, but it puts it in a position to compete with other watches that offer these features.

As far as activity tracking and other smartwatch features go, the Apple Watch Series 6 offers a lot of the same. You’ll still have in-depth health and fitness tracking, built-in GPS, 5 ATM water resistance, Apple Pay, smartphone notifications, and more.

Battery life hasn’t improved at all, so don’t expect your Apple Watch Series 6 to last for more than a day before needing to hit the charger.

  • Onboard GPS
  • Blood oxygen monitoring
  • Built-in ECG
  • Optional LTE
  • Short battery life
  • Not for Android users

7. Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit Versa 2

The Fitbit Versa 2 is a remarkably capable and full-featured smartwatch that costs a fraction of its Apple analog. The low-cost alternative to Apple’s watch is both a qualified fitness tracker and smartwatch, compatible with iOS as well as Android.

Pair it with your smartphone and you’ll receive all your calls, messages and notifications, plus it’ll track things such as your heart rate, sleep, menstrual cycle, and activity. The battery lasts about three days on a single charge, which is exceptional if you’re comparing it to the Apple Watch, but disappointing if you compare it to other Fitbit models.

But if you didn’t have to charge it, you’d likely never take it off because it’s fully waterproof, meaning you can wear it in the shower (and even in the swimming pool), and also so comfortable you can sleep with it on.

  • Class-leading battery life
  • Great fitness-focused features
  • Premium build, customizable look
  • Short on smartwatch features
  • High end of the price range



Last but not least, we must say a few words about an excellent entry level gadget, the Amazfit BIP respectively. This interesting smartwatch is one of the cheapest fitness trackers on Amazon (some call it a bargain), retailing for well-under $100.

However, you’ll get a lot of smartwatch for the money asked: weeks long battery life, comprehensive fitness-tracking features, an always-on display, GPS, a heart rate sensor, notifications, water resistance and iOS/Android compatibility.

Seriously, for something like eighty bucks, this is an offer you can’t refuse. If you’re a previous Pebble owner, the Amazfit BIP would make for a fine replacement and fit you like the proverbial glove.

Since the design is important for our audience, this smartwatch can be described as low key/casual; think along the lines of a love it or hate it, and yes, we kind of liked it. So yeah, you should definitely give it a try.

  • Amazing value for money
  • Fantastic battery life
  • Basic notifications for smartphone, GPS, heart-rate tracking
  • Totally comfy, has that Casio feel
  • The software is not mature yet
  • Not really a fashion-oriented gadget (kinda ugly)

9. Fossil Women’s Sport Metal and Silicone

Fossil Women's Sport Metal and Silicone

This is another Fossil SmartWatch that does not disappoint when it comes to aesthetics. Fossil has mastered the art of producing small and lightweight smartwatches that managed to retain strong build quality. Unlike The Fossil Venture, the Fossil Sport utilizes metal and silicone for a much more robust build that you can wear during activity without having to worry about accidentally damaging it.

Not only can the fossil Sport withstand physical shops, but it is also one of the relatively few smartwatches for women that are suitable for swimming. Google FIt serves as your digital fitness companion and does a fantastic job of recording and tracking your most important statistics. If you have an Android phone to pair the Fossil Sport with, you can integrate your data across devices easily.

While this is clearly a smartwatch aimed primarily at the more active user, it also performs admirably during downtime. A powerful onboard processor coupled with a wide range of features leads to excellent performance regardless of which of the watches many capabilities you are taking advantage of.

  • Lightweight and very comfortable to wear
  • Suitable for swimming
  • Supports NFC and Google Pay
  • Battery life is poor
  • The GPS is sometimes a bit slower than we would like

10. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung shrank the best parts of the the Galaxy Watch into this sportier smartwatch that’s slimmer, lighter and, arguably, more comfortable – then released a second version months after the first that included a few coveted features, including a rotating digital bezel and LTE version.

Overall, not much has changed – which isn’t a bad thing, as it’s still a quality smartwatches for women at a decent price. Galaxy Watch Active 2 features a 1.2-inch 360 x 360 display that is bright and beautiful yet small enough to be strapped around your wrist than a lot of the other devices in this list.

It still comes sporting all of the top-end fitness features you’d expect from Samsung’s Tizen watch range, with 39 workout modes, a heart rate and ECG sensor, and health app with stress and sleep monitoring. There’s even a way to monitor your blood pressure, but that won’t be activated for some time.

While it’s still more affordable than the leading Apple Watch, the price was bumped up from the original Watch Active, shrinking its value compared to the competition. It’s certainly not a cheap smartwatch, but when compared to the price of the Galaxy Watch 3 you may prefer to opt for this version that’s remarkably similar.

  • High-end design
  • Rotating digital bezel
  • Few features for price bump
  • Still limited functionality with iOS

Smartwatches For Women buying guide

Whether you’re looking to track your daily run or keep tabs on your emails, a smartwatch can be a big help in setting and reaching your goals. But for women, finding the right model can be tough.

While recent improvements in technology have allowed smartwatch makers to shrink their products, many models still sport large faces and bands that can look and feel clunky on a woman’s wrist.

How we test smartwatches for women

To test smartwatches, we evaluate both the form and function of the device. Because these are pieces of tech that you’ll wear every day, the design matters more than it does for a lot of other kinds of devices.

Style is obviously subjective, so we look at design elements we can objectively measure like having a few different sizes, multiple band options, and a wider variety of colors and finishes to choose between. The more options, the higher the likelihood that there will be a style for just about everyone.

Other design elements we look for are water resistance and comfort while exercising because you’ll want to have both in a smartwatch if you’re using it for workouts.

To test, we dunk the water-resistant smartwatches in the designated depth of water for the amount of time they’re rated to withstand. We also workout with these watches to see how comfortable they are to wear and how helpful they are during the workout.

How to choose the smartwatches for women

The bottom line is that you really can’t go wrong with any of these options. Of course, it all depends on what you’re looking for in a smartwatch. No matter which one you choose, you’ll receive a stunning design with a solid feature set.

Make sure you think about what you want from your device before you make your final decision. If it’s a feminine look you’re after, you can choose a smartwatch that is specifically designed for women. If you desire a specific set of features, you can just as easily go for one of the unisex options that has everything you need.

The eye-catching design is nice enough on its own but there’s a lot under the hood of this smartwatch, too. You’ll have everything you need from activity and heart rate tracking to Google Pay to onboard GPS. Don’t forget about the additional RAM and external speaker. To put it simply, it’s what smartwatch dreams are made of.


Whether you’re looking to track your daily run or keep tabs on your emails, a smartwatch can be a big help in setting and reaching your goals. But for women, finding the right model can be tough.

While recent improvements in technology have allowed smartwatch makers to shrink their products, many models still sport large faces and bands that can look and feel clunky on a woman’s wrist.