Best Blu-ray Players

Why choose a Blu-ray player when you can grab one of the best media streamers and watch pretty much anything you want online, or dust off one of your old DVDs? Well, Blu-ray discs provide a massive jump in picture quality and sound compared to DVDs and some streaming sites. Blu-ray players have gotten much […]

Best Wireless Keyboards

Wireless technologies have greatly improved over the past few years, and we’re even starting to see wireless gaming keyboards. They can help reduce the clutter of your desk by getting rid of the cable, which gives off a much cleaner look. However, there are a lot of different types of keyboards, whether they’re for the […]

Best Mini PCs

The best mini PC designs pack an enormous amount of technology into a tiny little space. Shrinking the bulky desktop computer into a size small enough to hide out of sight behind a TV or monitor or even small enough to slip into the hip pocket of your jeans is no small feat. The best […]

Best Drawing Tablets

Whether you are a beginner or a professional designer, drawing tablets are the rare tools. Graphic design or coloring can be done on the drawing tablet, which is very convenient and fast. It also serves as the graphic design software of PS and UI, which greatly improves our office efficiency. When choosing the drawing tablet, […]

Best WiFi Routers

Are you experiencing connectivity issues with your old router? Or the router doesn’t give you enough Internet range? Why not consider the WiFi routers? Thanks to the advent of Wi-Fi 6 and the promise of faster and more efficient Wi-Fi performance, this is an interesting year for wireless networks and Wi-Fi technology. Let’s say goodbye […]

Best Wireless Chargers

Charging up your smartphone is a daily chore. Smartphone batteries simply don’t last very long. So begins the charger dance, as we try to locate a charging cable, power adapter, and wall outlet that’s available. Modern devices require a lot of wires, and finding one particular wire amongst many can be a real chore on […]

Best Pocket Projectors

Now, you can find projectors that are small enough to offer flexibility and provide a clear picture despite their size. Pocket projectors give you a lot of flexibility when you need entertainment on the go. They’re excellent for impromptu movie nights, keeping children entertained on the road, or for when you’re sick of staring at […]

Best 1080p Projectors

Televisions just keep getting bigger and bigger, but you’ll pay a pretty penny to get a few more inches of screen size if you go the traditional TV route. A projector, on the other hand, can give you a variable screen size that goes a lot bigger than even the largest TVs you can find […]

Best Gaming Projectors

When you hear of gaming projectors it probably brings to mind grainy co-op sessions in Halo 2 with dull visuals and blurred graphics. Gaming Projectors have long since matured into a fantastic medium for communal gaming, immersive RPGs, movie nights on Xbox One, and even competitive gaming. The Gaming Projector of today can achieve 4K […]

Best Pencil Sharpeners

This top-rated pencil sharpener runs on AA batteries and can sharpen a dull pencil in just three seconds flat. It has a specially engineered spiral drill that won’t jam up and can sharpen thousands of pencils without getting dull. Plus, there’s an auto-stop function that prevents the sharpener from working if the lid is open, […]