Best Portable Projectors

We’ve looked far and wide for the best portable projectors on the market – and this list is the culmination of our efforts. These are the very best compact and easy-to-carry projectors that are ideal for transporting anywhere they might be needed. Until recently, pocket-sized portable projectors were nothing more than a novelty. They were […]

Best Budget Bluetooth Speakers

The Budget Bluetooth speakers are exploding in popularity. From small portable ones to those we can call an investment, you cannot miss out on a Bluetooth speaker designed to cater to your needs. But why not invest in hundreds of dollars to get a Bluetooth speaker? Well, with technological advancements, wireless speakers are anything but […]

Best 4K Projectors

While most of the world is oohing and ahhing over 4K TVs, many home theater enthusiasts are pushing the envelope even further by building their home entertainment centers with 4K home theater projectors. These projectors display the crisp, astonishing picture of 4K content at sizes TVs can’t touch, so if you’ve ever dreamed of building […]

Best Tablets For Kids

Kids love tablets, and with so much child-friendly content available that can be both entertaining and educational, it’s easy to see why. The best tablets for kids are a great way for kids to learn how computers work, as they boast their touch-screen user interfaces and often simpler operating systems. And if you buy a […]

Best Charging Stations

Are you tired of the messy data lines on the table? You can’t even distinguish them? Today, only more and more devices, mobile phones, tablets, smart watches. There is no doubt that they bring a lot of convenience and joy to our lives. However, these smart devices are very power hungry and you may need […]

Best Baby Monitors

Keeping a watchful eye on your precious baby is easy with a baby monitor. Whether in the day or night – you can make sure that your baby is safe and sound just by turning on the monitor wherever you are. When you are running a quick errand or even when you are at work, […]

Best Projectors Under $500

There’s nothing like watching your favorite films in a dark room on a massive screen. For that authentic movie theater experience, you’ll need a projector. While some folks might be afraid to make the jump to projectors from big-screen TVs, due to a veritable cornucopia of misconceptions around them being hard to setup (they’re not) […]

Best Over-ear Headphones

If you’ve spent any time researching headphones, you know that you can easily spend thousands on a good pair of cans. Thankfully, there are other options that won’t cost as much as your mortgage payment. Over-ear headphones may not be as popular as they once were but they still have a place in the market. […]

Best Budget Soundbars

You’ve probably already shelled out for a nice big TV, and maybe a streaming gadget to play your Netflix, but what about your sound? It doesn’t matter how large your screen is, or how much it cost—it probably sounds awful. You’d be surprised by how much more you enjoy those Netflix Originals and movies with […]

Best Home Theater Projectors

Home theater projectors have come a long way over the past few years. Today’s models can handle a wide variety of multimedia content—films, photos, documents, and games—with aplomb, and many can play music files as well. Although models with resolutions of 720p or less are still being introduced, higher resolutions (from WXGA to FHD) are […]