Top 5 Programming Languages You Should Learn In 2018


Programming serves as the back bone to this technological era.

Technology is changing so rapidly, the need of different programming languages changes as well.

Well there are more 600 programming languages.

There might be hardly anyone who can master all of them.

So we have picked out the Top 5 Programming Languages You Should Learn In 2018.

We have enlisted these languages based upon the market needs.

Without any further delay lets begin.

Top 5 Programming Languages You Should Learn In 2018:

1. Java

Java serves as a back end supporter for application from every part of life.

So one can never underestimate the ultimate power of Java.

Which has made us to keep it on the top of the List.

It is the most demanded programming language in market from many years.

So with any doubt it is the top needed programming Language so far.

2. Python

Python is quite an old language.

Though its need seems to be increasing in the recent past.

The main reason behind this increase is that companies are targeting machine learning as well as Artificial Intelligence.

It serves a handy language when it comes to go through tons of data due its swiftness.

So market is looking for those who have a grip over Python.

3. JavaScript

From a long a time this language has been in demand in the market.

The main reason behind it is the rapid increase in Web Development.

It is most widely used when it comes to Web Development.

JavaScript doesn’t seems to be a language that might be unpopular soon.

So one can invest in it for a long run.

This makes us rank JavaScript at number 3 in the Top 5 Programming Languages of 2018.

4. C#

Popularity and demand of C# has increased in recent years.

Mainly due to the focus of competing with Python at every level with Asp.Net by Microsoft.

It helps make development a lot easier, is highly used be game developers for game development.

5. C++

If you are a beginner it is always a good platform to start with.

From years it has been in the business and for many reasons it would  be there in upcoming years.

Most high schools prefer to begin with C++.

It is highly is used in many fields and has long legacy of being is such lists.


So these were our picks for the Top 5 Programming Languages one should learn in 2018.

Do share your valuable comments in the section below.