Top 5 tips for a beginner to Capture Perfect Pic

Capturing a perfect pic is not an easy task.

Especially when you are a beginner.

There are numerous features that all together make a perfect pic.

Being a beginner it becomes a little tough to enlist all of them, so we have created a list of the top 5 tips for a beginner to Capture a Perfect Pic.

Using the tips in the list you would be able to capture a great picture.

Either you are taking a selfie or are trying to capture someone’s pic.

What makes a perfect pic?

It is one of the questions that have been asked for a long time.

Though there is not a one-word answer to the question.

As numerous factors contribute to making a great pic.

Even you get a grip over all the factors still not all of them are required in all conditions.

So it totally varies from situation to situation as well.

After going through the article you would be able to know about the top 5 of them.


Either you are using a high-quality camera or a smartphone.

The light around you can reduce or increase your output to an unexpected level.

Best example would be trying to capture someone’s photo while the Sun is in the front of the lens.

You would not be able to see anyone in the pic… Except for the sun.

Always try to capture your picture from the side where the light falls on your face.

Instead of the light source behind your face making light fall on the camera lens.


If you are just trying to capture pics without focusing the objects or people in a picture.

Then obviously your picture would be no good.

Chances are you will end up with a blurred image.

Only an image that has been taken after being well focused will be the one in the best shape.

Most of the cameras require some appropriate time to focus.

That time varies between different cameras.

So let your device focus then capture the best shot.


If you are looking for a presentable picture then background matters a lot.

Try to make sure that there is nothing distracting in your background.

For example, you are capturing a pic of someone meanwhile a kid is running in the background.

So everyone who would be seeing that pic would be distracted and his/her attention would be shifted to the kid.

Try to capture a background that surely is eye catchy but still has not the ability to snatch your spotlight.


The angle of the camera dramatically changes the proportions of the body.

Shot from lower, angled up will cause the subject to tower over the viewer.

And Shot from higher will cause you to be dwarfed and look small.

Aim to shoot straight-on, from about chest to waist height.

This will make the proportions of your body more even and not give unwanted emphasis on any particular feature.

Shooting straight on to your body will also help with this.


How you stand (or sit) will change how the clothes drape and interact with each other.

A slouch will cause them to fall on your body awkwardly.

So try to stand up straight (but not strained), with relaxed shoulders and your arms by your sides.

If you are taking a selfie, stand back a little so you can take the shot reasonably from chest height — this will help to keep your selfie arm’s shoulder more relaxed.

Resist the urge to cover your face with the camera, as it will only distract. Instead, adjust your camera’s angle so your face is out-of-shot.