Transfer a Photo to a Slab of Wood 8 Simple Steps

Want to remember some of your best pics forever?

What would be a better way than to hang them on the walls with a beautiful frame.

If you are thinking the same then Hang On for a Second

Why should you pay for a beautiful frame? Why should you not make a one for your self?

and why would you like to use a frame?

Isn’t it too common?

So let’s try something In this article we will teach you the 10 simple steps to transfer your cool photos to a Wooden Slab.

Below are simple steps to do the job.

All you need is a wooden slab a photo a glue pack and a pack of Mod Podge.

Once you have got these three things you are all set to begin.

  • Use the gel and apply it on the wooden slab to all the area where you want your photo to be placed
  • Pick up the photo and paste the front side of the photo or the side of on which your photo is printed to the glued wooden slab
  • Just after pasting the photo you will notice some bubbles in the photo rub the photo with your hands to remove those bubbles
  • Just leave the plank as it is for some hours to dry
  • Time to remove pasted photo, use the wet cloth and rub it over the photo
  • Once you have removed all the paper use apply mod podge over the slab
  • Let it dry and you are all done
  • Hang your photo printed slab or place it anywhere you like

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